The latest excimer laser from Technolas (Bausch & Lomb)

The Ténéo 2 317 "made in Germany"

TENEO 2 317 de TECHNOLAS (Bausch & Lomb)

High quality iris recognition and highspeed eyetracker (1740 Hz) to follow the eye movement during the laser treatment of the myopia or astigmatismus. The treatment is 5 X faster « 1 second for 1 dioptrie »

For a 100% laser treatment

The newest Laser Femtosecond Ziemer LDV Z 8

Laser Femtoseconde Ziemer LDV Z 8

We are able to cut the cornea (flap) with a second laser to realize in some indication of Lasik a bigger or personalized flap. 

The phacoemulsificator R- Evolution by Optikon-Physiol

The phacoemulsificator R-Evolution by Optikon-Physiol

The state of art technology in cataract microsurgery and implantation of multifocal lenses (Finevision).

The phacoemulsificator R-Evolution by Optikon-Physiol