Eyes surgery with PRK laser


Before the PRK laser surgery, we will explain the procedure step-by-step because it is important for you to know the details.

The ophthalmologist removes the external membrane of the cornea (epithelium) with a surgery micro-instrument.  The computer-oriented Laser beam then vaporizes small amounts of tissue in the cornea. He removes only enough tissue to modify the shape of the cornea so as to correct the sight. The recovery process lasts approximately a week. During five days, the patient will wear therapeutic lenses.

The PRK has the following risks

  • pain from moderated to high intensity during the first days;
  • Visual blurring during the first days of the scaring; generally, this goes off during the weeks following the surgery. 
  • Regression of opacification in some cases, the cornea can regain its initial shape after approximately six months.  The patient should then choose between a second surgery (upgrading) and wearing correcting lenses or corneal lenses.

With PRK and Lasik there is also a slight risk of cornea infection (infectious keratin), a serious blending that may cause an important loss of the sight.