Laser treatment and lens implantation

Our patients choose us because of

  • our experience,
  • safety,
  • leading technology,

and a tradition : a professional and warm welcome.

Our excimer lasers are:

  • Technolas Bausch & Lomb Teneo 2 317
  • Femtosecond Ziemer LDV Z 8

We use the most recent microkeratomas (Evolution 3) from Moria. Our phacoemulsificator R-Evolution from Optikon-PHYsiol. Revision and quarterly maintenance agreements with these companies are signed.

The pre-operative eye examination for an excimer laser treatment is free and done in the Eupen cabinet.

The treatment with Lasik - Epilasik, PRK is made in our Laser Centre in Liege: quai de la Boverie 13

Techniques of intraocular surgery (cataracts, implantation of intraocular lens) are done in the ambulatory centre, Eupen day care clinic or Verviers (Ste Elisabeth). Our rates are affordable.

The rate for a conventional Lasik is 1100 Euros per eye.

The rates for a TRans PRK are 1100 Euros per eye.

Follow-up visits are free for one year.

Ongoing and risks of a laser surgery

Lasik treats the not sensitive, central and internal part of the cornea (stroma) and it is practically not painful.

PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) treats the very sensitive external surface of the cornea and it is more painful. It is slower to regain acuteness with PRK.

To reach the internal part of the cornea, we use a micro keratoma to open the cornea; we make a flap that is then opened.

The laser ray sprays the corneal tissue according to the dioptre to be treated. Then the flap is placed back and adheres after 3 minutes.This operation lasts 10 minutes and is done in a sterile and an air conditioned room. We use eyedrops for eye anaesthesia. Eyes are opened with a small retractor.

A ring tightly holds the eye so as to make a small cover (15 seconds) with the microkeratomas. The patient will feel a small pressure on the eye which is able to see for 15 seconds).

Depending on the default to correct, the computer-oriented Laser ray removes the corneal tissue. This lasts 20 to 60 seconds and it is painless.

The flap is placed back, adheres and is already stable after 3 minutes.

Antibiotic drops are instilled. Eyes are covered during 24 hours with transparent shields.

During the first three hours, it is recommended to close the eyes to avoid tears or feeling as with a foreign body and to help the cornea to stabilise.

Gouts will be used for 2 to 4 weeks, free follow-up visits will be necessary during this period.