New Technology 2020 - No Touch Trans PRK

The new laser eye surgery without incisions

Trans PRK

The new laser eye surgery without incisions

  • all laser
  • no touch
  • no cut
  • bladeless

No touch Trans PRK laser eye surgery in an extremely gentle procedure that does not involve the use of any incisions or a flap.

The Transepithelial PRK is a progression of PRK and Lasik.

Once the eye has been anesthetised with eye drops, the laser remove the appropriate tissue of the cornea (about 20 seconds). We protect the eye with a contact lens for 4 – 5 days until the epithelium has healed.

Advantages at a glance

A procedure that does not involve any direct contact (no touch – all laser).

Low risk of complications like regression of opacification (Haze).

Short recovering time.

Less pain after the procedure (± 2 days).

With the Trans PRK or Lasik there is also a slight risk of corneal infection a serious blinding that may cause an important loss of the sight.

Eye and refractive surgery

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